Nils Wogram
CD 9166-2

Nils Wogram

Nils Wogram - trombone, comp;
Claudio Puntin - clarinet, alto sax; Tilman Ehrhorn - tenorsax;
Steffen Schorn - baritone sax, bass cl; John Schröder - drums;
Frank Speer - altosax;

1. Swing Moral 6:06 2. The Storm 9:25 3. Arnie's Blues 10:04
4. Pancho 7:26 5. Woods Contemplation 8:16 6. Have you been to the states 8:49
7. Take me back 8:11 8. Eccentric personality 4:25 9. Time Machine 6:12
all compositions by Nils Wogram

In his recent Septet Nils Wogram units some of the best and unique german improvisers and instrumentalists.
All musicians have developed their very own personal sound and made names for themselfs by leading bands.
Nils Wogram`s compositions are well shaped with long composed sections but also leave much space for improvisations.
Through the unordenary setup without bass and harmonie instruments. The sound is very transparent and traditional rollmodels were beeing mixed in different new ways.
So his sextet sometimes reminds of the warm of Gil Evans as well as the wild energy of the late Charles Mingus. Other musical influences like balkan folk filmmusic and new composed music can be found, too.
Though barely in his 30's Nils Wogram has been a prolific and acclaimed performer for more than a decade. He has been recognized internationally as the new master on his instrument. Based on classical training, he aims at playing the jazz trombone with the fluency and flexibility of a saxophone while developing an individual concept of composing and ensemble playing. A multi-prize winner, he was awarded the 1996 International Frank Rosolino Memorial Scholarship for Jazz Trombone (USA), a composition award from the 1997 International Julius Hemphill Competition (USA), the 1998 SWR Jazz Award and many others. Wogram was a classical soloist for Krahnenbaum Company, performed as a leader at the ENJA 25th Anniversary Festival in New York and recorded and toured with his own quartet as well as with other successful acts. Wogram's CDs received highest ratings.

British Jazz Journal wrote: "If you've been wondering about the state of young, contemporary European jazz talent recently, look no further - and enjoy!"

John Kennedy in JAZZ: "This music is brilliantly executed, bursting with wit. Root 70 illustrates how traditions can be both respected and resoundingly transgressed."

CODA Magazine: "Wogram plays with pinpoint accuracy and rapid-fire linear invention. All about music guide: " Wogram is one of the most technically advanced trombonists of any genre. When he lets loose his super-human abilities are something to marvel at, as the trombonist lashes out with a speed and facility rarely seen on the instrument."  

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