Christoph Stiefel Trio
CD 9135-2 
Christoph Stiefel Trio

Christoph Stiefel p, Michel Benita - b; Joel Allouche Ė dr; 


1. Satori 5:03 2. Take five 3:52 3. Dream of the camel 5:07 4. Unspoken Words 5:25 5. Following 5:48 6. Opposites 5:50 7. Freedom Jazz Dance 6:00 8. Song for Monalisa 4:41 9. Isorhythm Nr. 2 5:10 10. Essence 5:48 11. Round Midnight 5:55
all compositions by Christoph Stiefel except: 2. ( Paul Desmond/arr:Stiefel); 7. (E. Harris/ arr. Stiefel); 11. (T. Monk / arr. Stiefel). Recorded and mixed in december 2000 and May 2001 by Johannes Wohlleben at Tonstudio Baur, Ludwigsburg produced by Christoph Stiefel


Three European musician personalities join together to play their own brand of European jazz. In their music flows both the tradition of Jazz as well as their diverse musical heritage ranging from North-African folk music to classical European music traditions.
The three musicians share a preference for spontaneous interaction, reaction, musical wit as well as playing with demanding rhythm structures while maintaining a generally quiet, lyrical atmosphere.
Stiefelís original and complex compositional style gives the trio itís framework. His refined arrangements of jazz standards makes even overplayed classics sound fresh and new, surprisingly independent and full of energy.
All this gets transformed on the highest musical level: Stiefel,Benita and Allouche are not only known for their own personal projects but also internationally appreciated as sensitive, exceptional sidemen for jazz giants such as: John Scofield, Gil Evans, Dino Saluzzi, Charlie Mariano, Loe Lovano, Richard Galliano, NguÍn LÍ, Peter Erskin, and many more.

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