CD TUTU 888130
CD TUTU 888130 
Gunnar Geisse g,voc
Werner Klausnitzer keyb
Patrick Scales b
Maurice deMartin dr


1 The Glöckner of Notr Kuh-Damm & NetArt
2 No Powells To The People
3 Hackensack
4 The Hymn To The Big Cities
5 Tonal Duke
6 Spirit
7 The Bill: Frisell and Free Dope
8 You Tradition? Yes, Of Course!
9 Fall 75/89 - watching landscapes
10 Happy Hour (The daughter of
the queen of the clean noodles)

Producer: Brother Virus
Co-Produced by Bavarian Broadcast
Engineers: Bob Barnes, Martin Wieland,
Jörg Scheuermann
Rec. Dates: Knitting Factory NYC, feb 10th, 1991
Feierwerk Munich, March 3rd, 1991
Philharmonie, Munich, July 8th,1991
Cover Art: Rene Nebas

(c) & (p) 1991 enja records horst weber gmbh


Anyone who says that nothing new is happening in music has not heard BROTHER VIRUS. By changing meter, groove and other parameters, they build walls of sound, which ultimately come crashing down. It's like climbing a rock-face and thinking that you have reached the summit only to look up and see that there's more to come. Labeling-resistant music is what these four German musicians create - unconventional and exploring.
William Pesek jr., The Reporter, N.Y., March 1991
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